Serious Games Institute Boo Games
FROM: West Midlands, UK
KEYWORDS: serious game, university, R&D, business support, incubation, showcase, technology transfer, training
DURATION: 2003 – still active
FUNDING: regional and EU funds (ERDF), private
FOCUS: Game sector
The Serious Games Institute (SGI) is an International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study and an operating division of Coventry University Enterprises Ltd ( It is based in Coventry University’s Technology Park.
The institute enables and facilitates the growth of serious games, virtual worlds and connected industry specialists by supporting research and development into the use and effects of these products, platforms and technologies. The SGI exhibits and showcases the products and services of the community of companies and academics and provides business support and facilities to encourage, promote and grow businesses in this sector. The Institute provides a close interface between high-level applied academic research at Coventry University and leading edge technology companies in the field of game-based learning.
The SGI has a particular focus on 3D collaborative multi-user environments and other games development platforms which can be harnessed for non-entertainment purposes.
The SGI has developed an innovative study program that can be tailored to particular requirements:
- MSc (PgCert/PgDip) in Serious Games and Digital Contents
- PhD in Serious Games & Virtual Worlds
The courses have been designed to by fully engaging and interactive allowing each student the opportunity to combine home study with classroom based learning in the SGI.
The SGI training rooms offer students the very latest in ICT technology .
The courses have not been designed to be over technical and are aimed at learners with a basic knowledge of IT who are keen to explore ways in which such technology could be exploited for business benefit. The SGI limit numbers on each course to 20 and incorporate both internal SGI and external teaching staff, including special visiting lecturers from large industrial partners such as BT, O2, Apple, Cisco and HP.
SPECIFIC GOALS • to support enterprises and entrepreneurship • to develop serious games, mobile apps and 3D environment • to do applied research and technology transfer • to train and promote growth of specialists and experts in serious games, virtual worlds and connected industry • to exhibit and showcase the products and services cross-sectoral networking
MAIN NEEDS MET by the GP R&D, EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRASFER • promote applied research and commercialization of R&D results • technology transfer: ease the meeting and matching between R&D and business players • training and competence promotion BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURIAL SUPPORT • entrepreneur training, coaching, mentoring NETWORKING, CLUSTERING AND INCUBATION: • ease the matching between R&D and business players
TRANSFERABILITY AND SUCCESS FACTORS The SGI is situated in the context of economic policies aimed at developing an innovative knowledge economy, where the region is investing heavily for some years to grow the creative industries and sectors connected therewith.
The experience seems to be transferable both in terms of general approach and of specific actions. In fact, it has been transferred to South Africa where the Serious Games Institute South Africa (SGI-SA) NWU Vaal Triangle Campus has been established. The Coventry University is working also to transfer the experience in Brazil.
SGI-SA is a venture that considers the use of gaming technology, computer modelling simulations and the use of digital interactive media to support non-leisure based activities. It is currently working through its inception phase with the goal of establishing two main avenues: academic and commercial. The academic side will be geared towards the development of degree qualifications in Serious Games as well as the generation of research outputs within the field of Serious Games.
FURTHER DETAILS OWNER OF THE PRACTICE: Coventry University SGI- Serious Games Institute
REFERENCE PERSON: [CUE provide a contact person reference]