Mdgf – Malta Digital Game Found Boo Games
FROM: Malta
KEYWORDS: funding, attraction of investments, government strategy, enterprise support, development of skills
DURATION: Call for proposal 2012, 2013
INDICATIVE COST: 150,000 € per year
FUNDING: national funds
FOCUS: Game sector
MDGF is a national funding measure specifically addressed to the game sector put in place by the Malta National Government as a part of the National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries. The National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries recognizes the need for a wide range of games-specific incentives and support mechanisms to stimulate activity and international collaboration.
The Strategy identifies two main priorities for Malta:
(a) transferring generic technical and high-level programming expertise from other IT areas into the games sector
(b) strengthening arts-related courses to secure a stream of talent that can contribute to games development.
This Fund is part of a multi-faceted strategy for building a games industry in Malta that can both attract inward investment and nurture an indigenous games sector.
The Culture and Audiovisual Unit within the Ministry for Tourism, Culture and the Environment is responsible for the administration of the Malta Digital Games Fund (MDGF). The Fund is implemented under the overall supervision of Digital Games Malta Working Group, which brings together key public stakeholders for the sector
• to encourage the creation of indigenous digital games that can be developed by small teams
• to support Maltese and Malta-based creative talent that demonstrates long-term potential
• to strengthen digital games as a cultural and creative product and Malta as a hub of digital creativity
• attract foreign game companies and talent to relocate to Malta as well as develop its own indigenous industry
• attract foreign companies in this field
• access to finance for improving skills and competences
The MDGF can be considered a GP as a stand-alone initiative, but above all as part of an articulated Digital Game Strategy, that is aimed at converting Malta into a hub for the Digital Games Industry. The Maltese Government has devised a Digital Games Strategy that focuses on attracting such industry to Maltese shores, by creating the necessary fiscal and financial incentives that would attract such sector; creating a number of IT related courses to ensure that entities set up herein find the necessary, specialised workforce for recruitment; establishing the Digital Games Fund and investing in Smart City, which offers all the latest facilities and amenities to IT companies
“Malta’s Creative Economy is driven by 3600 enterprises, employs 7500 creative professionals, grows at an average 9% per annum, generates €47.5 million from tourism, contributes to 4% of GDP, is similar in size to the construction industry, and slightly less than the financial intermediation services. Since 2010 the cultural and creative industries received €15.4 million additional Government investment reaching a total investment of €26.5 million in 2011”. The National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries, Creative Malta
OWNER OF THE PRACTICE: The Culture and Audiovisual Unit within the Ministry for Tourism, Culture and the Environment