Let’s Game Asturias Boo Games
FROM: Asturias (ES)
KEYWORDS: business incubation and acceleration, business support, networking, mentoring, business advice
DURATION: 2013 (1st edition April-June 2013)
INDICATIVE COST: between 15.000 and 25.000 €
FUNDING: Regional & European funds
FOCUS: Game sector
LET’S GAME ASTURIAS is an acceleration program for video games business projects in the Principality of Asturias, promoted by CEEI Asturias, the reference business incubator to accelerate innovative and technology based projects in this region.
LET’S GAME ASTURIAS is an intensive program that provides high-value added resources to videogames entrepreneurs through the combination of training sessions and mentoring, business advice and networking. During six weeks, the selected projects receive resources and strategic knowledge of business experts from CEEI Asturias, and from renowned national and international experts of video games sector coordinated by Ivan Lobo - video games expert and creator of GameLab, the games reference festival in Spain. According to that, game experts advised to the projects in specific areas such as business model, game design, monetization, mobile applications, communication and visibility, gameplay, etc.
LET’S GAME ASTURIAS closes with a Networking Day between entrepreneurs, SMEs and professionals from this sector, in which they exchange business ideas and cooperation opportunities. The 3 best projects from LET’S GAME are distinguished with and added incentive, generally the opportunity to attend one relevant event linked to game sector.
In the first edition (April-June 2013), 8 business projects were selected to participate and all of them concluded the action, while 14 entrepreneurs took part in the program regularly. During this edition, the 3 best projects were distinguished taking part in the GAMELAB event in Barcelona, in order to achieve also the networking national/international level and introduce their products in the market
• to foster the creation and growth of video games business initiatives
• to boost games industry through the visibility of this sector in Asturias
• to support all existing initiatives/business projects which want to invest in this sector
• to provide advice tailored to these business projects, trying to maximize the capabilities of each project and generating the most added-value contacts
• networking and cooperation
• entrepreneurship promotion, business training, mentoring, coaching, advice
• business support, incubation and acceleration in the game sector
LETS GAME ASTURIAS works to boost games industry providing specific support to games projects, through business training and technical advice from the beginning to the launch of the company, counting with experts for the development of their business models as well as specialised games experts involved in the value chain of games production, bringing them also the nearer contacts and experience of companies in this sector to help them improve their business approach in order to achieve their feasibility. It is a pioneer program in Asturias, which allows the transfer of knowledge and creativity, translating ideas into the economic activity and the real market through the creation and growth of game companies at regional level.
And this is likely to be transferable to other regions and contexts, both in terms of general approach, and in terms of specific actions aimed at providing the entrepreneurs the tools and support services necessary for the creation and consolidation of companies dedicated to interactive entertainment and video games, such as specialized training, advice and partnerships, covering this detected needs to videogames entrepreneurs.
The project has the peculiarity
‘Let’s Game is a spectacular initiative. It is something that we could never have dreamed before to have access in Asturias to so really great people in the video games scenery and to learn so much from them. We want to develop the best games possible and they are bringing to us the best people from whom we can learn”. Jorge González, participant in Let’s Game
Through Let's Game, an acceleration program for video game projects, we are trying to develop the business potential of entrepreneurs and companies from this sector, providing them the most suitable support and strengthen networking between them with the aim to boost in Asturias one sector which generates new economic activity and employment for this region. Graciano Torre González, Regional Ministry of Economy and Employment in the Principality of Asturias
OWNER OF THE PRACTICE: Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación del Principado de Asturias (CEEI Asturias)
REFERENCE PERSON: Cristina Fanjul Alonso, cfanjul@ceei.es
WEBSITE: www.letsgameasturias.es