Game Paris Boo Games
FROM: Ile-de-France (Paris Region) FR
KEYWORDS: business event, videogame professional, videogame event, festival, meeting point, digital content
DURATION: 2008 - running
INDICATIVE COST: annual support : 180K€; Futur en Seine: 570K€
FUNDING: regional and national , EU – ERDF, private
FOCUS: Game sector
GAME PARIS is the international video game event of the Paris Region to underline the excellence and to give visibility to the video games industry in Paris Region as well as at a national and international level. This one-week event is the brainchild of Capital Games cluster to establish an international event for professionals and unifying the video game professionals based in Ile-de-France (Paris Region).
Game Paris includes several events which together allow to highlight key aspects of the video games industry, and can provide a global view of the Paris and French video game industry, both in terms of training, skills and jobs but also in terms of creation and production through the strategic areas of business and networking: Game Paris, Game Paris Talents; Game Paris Business Tour, Game Paris Awards and Game Connection.
This event gathers international participants: over 1,450 video game professionals from 52 countries in 2012. The video game market, in fact, is a strategic market for the Ile-de-France region. France manages to stand out on this specific market and occupies a prominent place in positioning itself as the third country of production of video games in Europe and seventh worldwide. The Ile-de-France region gathers nearly 200 of these companies. The video game companies are the most advanced digital technology and innovation and are the source of a unique cultural production. This industry generates many jobs with high added value and exports massively with world renowned games.
The Ile-de-France region provides funds aimed at organizing events related to digital contents including video games such as “Futur en Seine”, a major international digital festival organized by Cap Digital. The funds are also dedicated to the organization of events specific to the video games industry like “Game Paris” organized by Capital Games.
The organization of the event Game Paris provides a wide international visibility to Paris Region video games actors internationally and promotes the meeting of relevant stakeholders.
Organized by Capital Games, the Paris Region Video Game Business Cluster, Game Paris brings to the French capital, the international B2B video gaming event that it was lacking.
Game Paris brings together into an international event all that video game professionals can expect to complete their year business: the business convention that has been proven for 11 years (Game Connection), technical conferences and business high quality training of high-end (Master Classes), conferences on trades video game (Game Talents Paris ), professional awards (Game Paris Awards ) and business turn to go to meet our industry (Game Paris Business Tour )
• to connect members of Capital Games with a group of international professionals
• to create or strengthen business opportunities
• to demonstrate the richness and diversity of the ecosystem Video Game in Paris Region facing professionals, journalists and institutional contacts
• visibility and promotion chance for game sector professionals, both as one-company and as local productive patterns
• business opportunity towards game and non-game sector
• market internationalization
• professional business training
• meeting of relevant stakeholders
• matching among video game professionals at a national and at an international level
• business convention to develop business and technology partnerships among companies, labs and education organizations
• technical conferences
The event organized since 2008 successfully consolidate much of the relevant actors in the field.
France is a European hub which has one of its key assets in the reception facilities for the organization of events and exhibitions. The Ile-de-France Region is Europe’s n°1 destination for meetings and the exhibition industry and is one of the leading European Region in video games and creative industries. Besides Game Paris, the Ile-de-France Region is also home to Future en Seine Festival, a major international digital festival, created by Cap Digital in 2009. It is a ten days festival presenting the latest digital innovations from France and around the world for professionals and the general public.
Game Paris unites a majority of video game professionals at a national and at an international level. This event covers the entire economic chain of production of a video game, from education to the organization of a business convention to develop business and technology partnerships and thus helps the Paris Region companies, labs and education organizations to grow
REFERENCE PERSONS: Capital Games : Hélène Deley,; Pierre-Emmanuel Daigre:; Ile-de-France Region : Grégory Boulay: