CReativity voucher - Young digital creativity for innovative projects Boo Games
FROM: Piemonte, Italy
KEYWORDS: young creative professionals, voucher, young, media application, funding, entrepreneurship and fr
DURATION: June-October 2012
INDICATIVE COST: € 2,000,000
FOCUS: creative professionals, including game developers
The CREATIVITY VOUCHER is a funding measure dedicated to digital creativity. The initiative supports the grow of the regional creative industry, including videogame, by giving grants to young developers for investments (counselling, machineries & equipment, salaries) up to 15.000 € for each project. The project had to be completed within six months from the grant of subsidy and had to fall back into terms of process innovation, product and service in one of the segments of the creative industries
Digital Creativity is, in this context, the creation and use of digital tools in creative contexts, such as animation and computer games, entertainment software, graphic design and marketing, architecture, visual arts and design, music composition and production, film, television and video, writing, publishing and print media. The definition of digital creativity of the projects that could participate to the funding measure was developed from work carried out within the European project CReATE, which Regione Piemonte took part from March 2008 to March 2011, with the aim of developing strategies to improve cooperation at both regional and European levels to enhance the innovative capabilities of small- and medium-sized companies from the creative sector .
One of the call main objectives, besides the direct financing, was to bring together companies from different sectors and in particular, to stimulate traditional businesses with an increased use of digital creativity. The 2012 call received 83 applications, of which 48 eligible; 3 applications were about videogames.
The tender has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013, under the “Competitiveness and Employment” The Axis “Innovation and Production Transition”, Operational objective I.1, Activities I.1.3 “Innovation and SMEs”. Moreover, the CREATIVITY VOUCHER was part of the Regional Competitiveness Multi-year Plan , as special action connected to Research and Innovation, along with other actions like open innovation measures and living labs
• encourage the introduction of innovation through the development of initiatives related to the field of digital creativity
• support the development and production of interactive media applications, such as digital games, mobile applications and interactive products
• promote entrepreneurship of young creative professionals and freelancers
• promote market access, with particular reference to cross- sector applications
• access to finance (include creative innovation in SME to improve access to market)
• stimulate the market development based on innovations and scientific results
• fostering the use of digital technologies in businesses
• fostering the use of environmental technologies in businesses
• promotion of talents, professionals, micro enterprises, new entrepreneurs
Objective of the call is to encourage the introduction of innovation through the development of initiatives related to the field of digital creativity, that could include videogames: participants must be young under 35 years, even in the form of self-employed, professionals or holders of VAT, but cannot be startups.
The model of this voucher is interesting because it seeks to bring element on digital creativity companies in traditional companies that often do not exploit the potential of digital instruments.
The voucher, that addresses directly to young people, is a form of direct financing and could be easily replicated to expand awareness about video games as an expressive medium and as a resource in more traditional sectors, who have never used this type of dynamics to their internal products, incorporating in this way a significant element of innovation
“Investments in the creativity in the broader context of development of the knowledge economy. The continuous development of this sector will bring huge benefits to regions and countries in Europe. The rate of employment growth of the creative industries was double that of the economy in general over the past years and forecasts are for continued growth. The cultural and creative industries contribute to national and regional innovation systems, especially with the acceptance and promotion of ICT development, a favorable climate innovation in Europe and the innovative activities of other industries. Nevertheless, the positive effects of CCIs on the wider economy and society need to be strengthened further. The links between the cultural and creative industries and education, industry, research and administration should be maximized by creating true creative partnerships”. Silvia Bianco, Regione Piemonte, Directorate Research and Innovation
OWNER OF THE PRACTICE: Piedmont Region Department of Research and Innovation