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FROM: Ile-de- (Paris Region) FR
KEYWORDS: cluster, networking, training, internationalization, R&D and access to knowledge, incubator
DURATION: 2004, running
FUNDING: national and regional, EU– ERDF, private (membersh
FOCUS: Game sector
CAPITAL GAMES is the specialized video game cluster in Paris Region. It was created by local video game professionals as a non-profit organization in 2004, with the aim at bringing together companies in the region, by initiating polling measures and by structuring the sector in the longer term. It was certified as a business cluster by the French government in 2011.
CAPITAL GAMES federates all Paris Region video game professionals and counts over 60 independent member companies: all video game fields (developers, publishers, middleware, training institutes); all platforms (home consoles, portable consoles & online gaming: PS3, Xbox, digital distribution networks, 3DS, Wii, PSVisa, iOS, smartphones, web & social networks); all types (casual, serious, social gaming…)
CAPITAL GAMES acts for and in cooperation with the Video Game professionals of Paris Region. The business cluster accompanies its members in their growth in the short and medium term (exports, financing advice, support during the economic crisis, pooled investments at trade shows …). It also helps towards structuring the industry in the long run (defining jobs and skills profiles, collective agreements, lobbying etc.). The values upheld by Capital Games are collaboration, entrepreneurship, creativity and exchange. In order to reach its goals, CAPITAL GAMES has structured its activity around 5 axes, which correspond to the realities of the sector and the daily running of SMEs: networking ; research and development; exports and international market; human resources; financing
SPECIFIC GOALS • support the development and maintenance of Capital Games cluster, in a bottom-up approach
• promote for members to access global and national support programs and incentives for video games and creative industry
• international development and export support of the sector
• networking
• cooperation with local and international stakeholder
• technology transfer and application of R&D results
• specific training programs
• An in-depth reflection to ethical and social issues as well as to the development of new economic models
• it gathers together more than 60 video game industry members and allows as well access to Cap Digital competitiveness cluster on digital creative industries
• it tackles networking through workshops, members private meeting, General Assembly & Co, national and international events, GAME PARIS conference and Game Connection, a major international event
• it is set up in Paris Region Innovation Nord Express (PRINE), which includes Paris Region Games incubator
• it eases for its members the access to global and national support programs and incentives for video games and creative industry
• exports and international market
• development in all the gaming subsectors (social, casual, serious, mobile, …)
• Co-organizer of the Game Paris event
• policy making process, informing elected representatives through a close collaboration
TRANSFERABILITY AND SUCCESS FACTORS Capital Games has been created since almost 10 years. The number of members and contributions increased steadily since the inception and is stable, which proves the usefulness of the cluster towards its members and the eco-system. A number of stakeholders at all levels rely on the cluster to explore new practices: the cluster is considered as a reference.
As part of the implementation of the program for the digital development of the territory taken from the SRDEi (Regional pattern of economic development and innovation), the Ile-de-France Region supports the development of Capital Games cluster since 2005, in a bottom-up approach, taking into account the specificities of the video games ecosystem. The cluster gives the opportunity to its members to access global and national support programs and incentives for video games and creative industry as well as to access to Cap Digital competitiveness cluster, dedicated to the digital creative industries. A regional tool to take into account the specificities of the sector.
QUOTATION "Companies are well connected in Ile-de-France (Paris Region) thanks to:- Organizations such as SNJV (Syndicat National du Jeu Video), and business clusters Capital Games, specialized in Video Games and Cap Digital ...- Trade shows,- Schools,- Private initiatives, such as those that we organize (editing and co-publishing of games with the Paris Region studios, creation of a coworking space dedicated to video games, ...)"Olivier PIERRE, CEO BulkyPix
FURTHER DETAILS OWNER OF THE PRACTICE: Capital Games / Ile-de-France Region
REFERENCE PERSON: Hélène Deley:, Pierre-Emmanuel Daigre:
Ile-de-France Region
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