Gamelab Boo Games
FROM: Asturias, ES
KEYWORDS: event, networking, international, sponsorship, interactive leisure, conference, videogame
DURATION: 2004-today
FUNDING: regional & national, private
FOCUS: Game sector
GAMELAB is a yearly event focused on the game sector. It is one of the biggest interactive leisure events in Europe, in which game companies meet with other business and the communication players. It represents the meeting point for all the Spanish video games companies, and other companies from Latin America, offering them a platform to connect with new business and communication opportunities, regional and /or international partners.
GAMELAB annually reaches a highly targeted audience of over 2000 participants, including game developers, publishers, investors, service providers, press/media, public institutions, academics and personel.
GAMELAB represents a powerful tool to boost video games industry whose sustainability is guaranteed by the number of bodies, organisations and all kind of stakeholders supporting each edition. Furthermore, the projection of the event in the Spanish mainstream media and the focused traffic generated by the consumer show, make GAMELAB the most powerful and effective communication platform to introduce new entertainment products in the market.
GAMELAB has evolved from an academic to a market initiative. In fact, it was promoted in 2004 by Iván Fernández- Lobo (professor of the University of Oviedo- Asturias), initially as a lecture series organized in the framework of the Laboratory of videogames of this University, around the video games thematic, targeted to university students. From 2004 to 2008, several editions were held in the framework of the University of Oviedo. Later, in 2008, with a regional approach, GAMELAB celebrated a first edition in Gijón (Asturias), under a format of a singular and pioneer event on electronic leisure. In 2011 edition, its usual location, Asturias, was moved in 2012 edition to Barcelona where is held from then on.
GAMELAB involves exhibitions, lectures, roundtables, presentations and specific spaces around the video games industry, with international and national professionals and prestigious companies of the sector. The contents of the lectures and networking offered by GAMELAB are also a valuable resource for knowledge, innovation and access to market. It also involves networking activities, in order the visitor can access to networking with other professionals and entrepreneurs in the video games industry. GAMELAB annually reaches a highly targeted audience of over 2000 participants, including game developers, publishers, investors, service providers, press/media, public institutions, academics and personnel

SPECIFIC GOALS • help the creation and growth of video games business initiatives with ambition in the development of global business • boost the games industry through the visibility and positioning of this sector • internationalize local businesses looking to expand their business internationally • support international companies seeking to enter the market in Spain, Europe and Latin America
MAIN NEEDS MET by the GP AWARENESS &VISIBILITY • visibility and promotion chance for companies and stakeholders from game sector NETWORKING: • provide a meeting point for game sector and cross sector actors & stakeholders MARKET ACCESS • internationalization and expansion of game companies • cross-sector networking EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER • knowledge exchange, professional training through the lectures program • access to innovation and tendencies
TRANSFERABILITY AND SUCCESS FACTORS GAMELAB is one of the biggest interactive leisure events in Europe. It’s a big event in which game companies meet with business and communication. GAMELAB is undoubtedly a success case that shows how a regional initiative, originally promoted within the university, can cross the educational field and position a sector in national and international industry markets.
A component of its success is the large number of private supporters.
Initiatives such as GAMELAB, a video games festival initiated and held in Asturias for its first 7 editions, provide added value to the video games sector as they increase its visibility and create awareness of its potential for regional and national economies
QUOTATION “Gamelab Barcelona is a market-accelerator event for games and interactive entertainment companies and projects. This event’s main objective is helping out the growth of new business initiatives in the European games sector, with special attention to those ones in an early stage of development. Gamelab also serves as an effective hub for local companies looking to expand their business globally and for those international companies that want to enter the European and/or Latin American markets”. Iván Lobo, Gamelab Director
REFERENCE PERSON: Ivan Lobo, (Contact BOOGames project Cristina Fanjul,