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How can digital technologies help patient care?

Technology proves to be a real help in changing the relationship between patients and doctors. The conversation…


Bossa studios stays indie with their latest Surgeon Simulator game

Surgeon Simulator is a game developed by UK Bossa Studios where users are “playing” with the most…


Play, Learn and Change With Gaming

Boo Games will be presented at Play, Learn, Change; a project that belongs to the University of…

Don't Starve 2

Don’t Starve, get updated!

Don’t Starve game is not leaving its audience to starve for new features, but will get updated…

Indie Games

Indie games for the best of the days

Nutjitsu was initially a free game to play on the Window 8 app store, but Xbox One takes…


The Pixel Lab Day – Karlsruhe

Designed to give participants the skills and knowledge needed to create, finance and distribute stories across multiple…


Jenova Chen – games should encourage players to get emotionally connected

Jenova Chen, the co-founder of Thatgamecompany, had a speech at the Games for Change Festival held in…


Mario Kart in North America from 30th of May

Mario was the basis of our childhood, NOBODY forgets Mario. That is like forgetting ice cream or…

sportsfriends may 2014

Sportsfriends launched on PS3 and PS4

The studio announced that Sportsfriends will be released on 6th of May in America on Playstation 3…

Boo-Games newsletter n°4 – 2nd semester 2013

BOO-Games Newsletter n°4 2nd semester 2013